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Apple says No to Steve Jobs Collectible Figure

January 16, 2012 Leave a comment


As expected, the plans for a Steve Jobs collectible figure, have been scrapped thanks to Apple. It didn’t take long for Apple to send the creator of the figure letters threatening to sue the pants of him and his unborn children. The creator of the figure does not think he is breaking the law and considers the figure to be a tribute to Steve Jobs. I agree with him and don’t understand how a company can hold the rights to a likeness of their founder. Anyone who pre-ordered the figure will be refunded their money in full.

In Icons (via Technabob)

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Steve Jobs Action Figure

January 3, 2012 1 comment

Steve Jobs is definitely not a doll. This action figure based on the late Steve Jobs does not include any accessories. For $99 you can get Steve with his turtleneck from In Icons.

(via Buzzfeed)

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Steve Jobs Made from Apples

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Canadian artist, Olivier Lefebvre, made a portrait of the late Steve Jobs out of apples. The fruit, not the computer.

(via Neatorama)

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Rest in iPeace Steve Jobs [PIC]

October 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Unfortunately,┬áboth people and Macs get viruses. We’ll miss you Steve.

[via Geeks are Sexy]



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Steve Jobs Dies

October 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, has passed away today at the age of 56. A true visionary of our time, Steve pioneered the concept of personal computer and navigating them with the aid of a mouse. Steve’s death was not unexpected. He had battled cancer for years. Earlier this year, he took a medical leave from Apple in January and stepped down as CEO in August. Jobs was also the owner of Pixar, the studios behind such classics as Toy Story and A Bug’s Life. He introduced the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. He is survived by his wife, Laurene, and four children. He was the Leonardo Da Vinci of our time and he will be missed. RIP 1955-2011

[via CNN]

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