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Second Harry Potter Theme Park

November 30, 2011 Leave a comment

A second Harry Potter theme park will be built. An announcement will be made that the park will be build at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. The park is said to closely resemble the on in Orlando, Florida.

“NBCUniversal is planning to expand its Los Angeles theme park with a section devoted to the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, according to people familiar with the matter, hoping to repeat the success of a similar attraction at NBCU’s Orlando, Fla., resort.”

“If the new section succeeds, more ‘Potter’ attractions could open in other parts of the world where Universal has theme parks, including Japan, Singapore, and Spain, say people close to Universal.”

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Book Campfire Horror Stories

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SMBC (via Reddit)

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PIPA is Evil

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We know about SOPA. PIPA (not the Duchess of Cambridge) is just as evil if not more. It is yet another bill that would allow the government to censor the internet. PIPA has already passed the House committee stage and poised for consideration of the full Senate. This makes PIPA even closer to becoming law and giving the government the ability to ruin everything the internet stands for. There are several ways to help prevent this. Call your senators, sign the petition, and tell everyone you know. Check the link for more information and phone numbers to your senators.

The PROTECT IP Act Is Very Real and Very Bad — Call Now to Block It

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The Ingredients of Batman

November 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Add just a pinch of money.

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Gingerbread AT-AT

November 30, 2011 2 comments

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Spock’s Mom

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He must get the pointy ears from his father. (I do realize his dad was the Vulcan and his mother was Human).

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Papercraft Big Sister

November 30, 2011 Leave a comment

DeviantARTist Destro2k created this 2 foot papercraft model of a Big Sister from the game Bioshock 2. The model is available for download at his DeviantART page.

Model Download (via Reddit)